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Radio, Radio
June 12, 2007, 10:28 am
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In my office, we don’t have piped in music, we are all on our own.  The lady that I replaced played soft rock, so I assumed that was what I had to play.  For the first year or so, I endured soft rock in the name of a non-threating lobby.  But then, I think it was when they switched to all Christmas all the time, I changed.  I tried a station that said they played what they wanted, but it seemed like the same songs every day.  Then I found a classic rock station that only played commercials once an hour.  I really liked this station, except their signal is weak and my cheap radio is crap.  I lost them one day, and I’ve not been able to find them again on my dial.  Then I went to world class music, but they also suffer from weak signalitis.  It got so bad I was tucking my wire antenna into my shoe for better reception.  Now I’ve gone to today best hits.  I’m not so sure I agree with that.  I’m debating buying a better radio, maybe something so I can play my iPod, I’m not sure exactly what I want to do.  Any suggestions?  What do you listen to during the day?  Do you have music or quiet?  Personally, I can’t imagine quiet all day long, I guess I’m used to noise.  For me it makes the day go by much quicker.  Let me know your thoughts.


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I got a radio I’m thinking about a year ago and I still can’t get too many stations in this office. It must be the building. Yes, play your music you funky girl. It does help the day go by faster and gives you something to tap your feet to.

Comment by Cara

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