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I Don’t Like Frogs, But Sometimes You Have to Frog
June 7, 2007, 7:53 am
Filed under: Family, Knitting

Are you familiar with frogging?  Frogging is a knitting term, when you make an error and you must pull out work you have done to correct said error.  Let me give you a visual explanation.  I finished the heel on Cara’s sock yesterday.
But when I had her try it on last evening, it was too big. So the first step is to take the knitting off of the needles. I’m not going to lie, this gives me a little heart attack every time I have to do it.
Then the rip, rip, ripping out begins. Beginning to understand why it’s called frogging?
This can actually be fun. Heartbreaking fun.
Once you get back to the point where you want to start knitting again, the needles have to be threaded back onto the stitches. This is the most difficult part of this process. Now I will have to knit a couple of rounds to get everything put back together properly, and then start the heel again so it fits her better. I mean what is the point of having a custom made sock if it’s too big?

In completely unrelated news, my darling husband Carl has decided that perhaps in his next career, he will be a magician.  He was watching Criss Angel and did some investigating online regarding card tricks.  He has mastered a couple of tricks already and even invented one of his own.  I will start to worry when he’s making the cats disappear or changing Simon into a bunny.
“Dad please, I don’t want to be a bunny.”


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You didn’t have to go to all of that trouble for little ol’ me.

Comment by Cara

Of course I did. I want these to be your favorite socks in the whole world, not just some too big socks that don’t fit right.

Comment by bigskymind

This makes me tired just reading about it.

Comment by Troy

It’s not tiring ripping it all apart, that only took maybe a minute. It’s the putting it all back together again that will take a little time, but not too long, maybe a couple of hours.

Comment by bigskymind

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