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How Do You Feel About Spelling Bees?
June 1, 2007, 9:40 am
Filed under: Spinning, Television

I love them!  I’m sad that I missed the National Spelling Bee Finals on tv last night.  I was subbing a yoga class instead.  The winning word was serrefine, a noun meaning small forceps.  Evan O’Dorney was this year’s best speller.  He beat Nate Gartke of Canada who misspelled coryza.  I dig on smartness.  Smartness rules.  I think next year if the timing is right, I will have a Spelling Bee Finals Party.  Everyone can bring their favorite difficult word to spell.


I don’t have too much planned for this weekend and I’m pretty excited by that.  It will be nice to have a relaxing weekend to knit and maybe even dust off the ol’ spinning wheel.  I’ve been thinking about spinning a lot, if I could translate my thoughts into actual production, I’d have this spinning thing all figured out.  I know I have to get over the fact that my yarn is going to look (to use Meandering Mango’s term) like dookie for awhile.  If I want to buy beautiful roving from the Yarn Pirate and others, I have to get myself to a point where I’m not just throwing money away.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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I love spelling bees and I totally think you should have a party celebrating youthful intelligence as seen on national television. What would a menu for something like that be?

Comment by Troy

Immediately ABC spaghettios and Alpha Bits cereal come to mind. I think they have ABC macaroni and cheese as well.

Comment by bigskymind

Perhaps a large metal cookie sheet that will stand in as the refrigerator front. We could buy a couple sets of the childs brightly colored magnet letters that go on the front of the frig. We could spell out our words with the magnets.

Comment by Runningpeanut

It would be easeliscious.

Comment by Runningpeanut

What is the derivation of easeliscious?

Comment by bigskymind

I love spelling bees, but sadly I’m a horrible speller. Don’t worry, but I did win the 2nd grade spelling bee where my prize was a generic Barbie. I’m pretty sure I said something snotty about it not being a real Barbie and the teacher had to have a sit down talk with me about “gratefulness.” My winning word was invisible. Also macaroni cheese does come in ABCs. I dine on them every now and then. I like the texture better than the plain old macaroni noodle. I also enjoy Scooby Do macaroni and cheese. I’m also down for a spelling bee party. I’ll bring the honey.

Comment by Cara

I forgot we could also have ABC Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. I too, am a terrible speller, the dictionary is my close ally.

Comment by bigskymind

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