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Rain, Rain Go Away
May 28, 2007, 10:29 am
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The 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 is in the books. What a day it was. First impresstions are that the cars are much faster than stockcars, there was a lot of passing and lead changes, and the crowd is simply awe inspiring. It also maybe the only race event where the national anthem is played before “Back Home Again”. Cara, Joel, Mike B. and I made our way to our seats and had a little pre-race lunch.
Cara, Joel, and Mike B. Prerace“>
Then the race got underway. This is an early caution.
Caution Lap“>
Our new buddy Helio had a bad pitstop that left him way back in the field. We enjoyed watching him march his way back up to the front. He was going really fast, that’s why the photo is a little blurry.
Helio trying to catch up“>
The race went slightly past halfway, and then the skies opened up for Mother Nature’s first onslaught. The rain stopped and the track drying efforts began. The people sitting around us found creative ways to wait out the rain.
Rain Delay“>
Don’t worry, I did get some knitting done during the rain delay. There may be a photo of that coming. After about 3 hours, they did start racing again. You could tell it was different, everyone was very serious about getting to the front. Also, the people sitting in front of us changed. Interesting… Anyways, when Tony Kannan blew a tire, trying to avoid Jacques Lazier, Dario Franchitti inherited the lead. I think this photo is from the final restart.
Last Restart“>
Unforch, there was a spectaular accident in the backstretch, Marco Andretti’s car flipped but ended right side up. I’m amazed and so thankful he climbed out of that car. How old is Marco anyways, he looks about 15. Does he even have a driver’s license yet? Back to the race, right as the yellow came out, the skies opened again for downpour number 2 and Dario was declared the winner. His wife, movie actress Ashley Judd, celebrated his win by jumping up and down on pit road in the pouring rain. I’m sure this made the race for at least one racefan I know. She seemed so excited and so did Dario, so I couldn’t be happier for them. Our return trip was a very wet one, and included an interesting exchange between two racing buddies, one of which had not planned accordingly for the return trip. His buddy was trying to convince him we were almost there for the entire bus ride downtown. I really thought he wasn’t going to be able to make it back without having an accident. But he got off the bus just in time. He decided to take a very European approach to relieving himself. The RCA dome may never be the same.
All in all, it was an amazing day, one I’m sure I’ll never forget. I have to also give a big shout out to the Mercedes McLaren F1 drivers, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton who dominated the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday.


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I’m pretty sure Marco is 19. Future husband for Al?

Comment by Cara

Let’s make sure he’s okay from the accident first. They would make a cute couple.

Comment by bigskymind

I may criticize the IRL and Tony George whenever the opportunity presents itself, but once again, the Indy 500 was a tremendous show. I’m very happy for Dario Franchitti. As his wife Ashley said, he has always been a gentleman racer, even while Paul Tracy was his teammate. Quick Mike B recap of the race: (nothing is ever really ‘quick’ when I get to talking about racing)

Best Victory Lane celebration in a long time, real emotion is often absent in these situations (Sebastien Bore-dais), but the wide-eyed and speechless Dario sharing the moment with Tony Kanaan and the rest of Andretti-Green Racing brought a tear to my eye.

Drive of the Race: Danica Patrick, the strategy didn’t play out in the end, but anyone who doesn’t believe Danica is a racer was watching the grass dry

Worst luck of the day: Tie, Helio & TK. Fueling rig trouble stinks. Jacks Laser, ’nuff said

Best luck of the day: TK, combo of luck and mad skills kept Tony from hitting anything in pit lane during his spin

Worst call of the day: No penalty to Sam Hornish for driving Tomas Scheckter to the wall. Last year, Scott Dixon was penalized for a much less apparent “block”

Surprise of the day: Milka Duno and Marty Roth both crashed out of the race. Sarcasm is hard to convey in type, but laying it on pretty thick.

Favorite part of the race: Being there with Sally, Cara & Joel of course. This was my 25th 500, and one of my favorites, rain and all.

Wish list for 2008: Sunny – 75 degrees – slight breeze, a unified open-wheel racing series, the return of Jim Nabors, a car sponsored by Grey Goose, another safe race.

What can I say about the bus ride home? “European” he-he, Henh!

Karma will always be a bit of a mystery. Was the bad Tony George Karma responsible for the rain? Or has the aura shifted, and Karma let the rain fall while allowing Marco Andretti to walk away from his crash?

Feel better soon Roberto.

Comment by Mike B

I know that a fun time was had by all…at least that’s the way it came across in my text messages. Watching the race in the men’s dept. at Kenwood Town Centre Macy’s? Not so much.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Peanut, I do feel bad for you. However, I know that you were offered a ticket to the race and turned it down. I know you had much more fun hangin’ with Glo, and getting updates via text.

Comment by bigskymind

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