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Hangin’ With Helio
May 25, 2007, 8:08 am
Filed under: Auto Racing, Friends, Knitting

Here is a photo of me and my friend Cara with 2 time Indy Champ and current polesitter Helio Castroneves.
Hanging  with Helio“>
We were fortunate enough to be at an event and Helio was so nice to pose with us. Hard not to root for him this weekend.  Big thanks to RNR for being our paparazzi.
 I am planning on taking some knitting with me to the race. I have given this a lot of thought, as I want to take an easy project. Icarus, while light, would be too complicated. I would lose track of where I am in the pattern, and at this point, that would be disaster. I’ve considered socks, but am a little afraid of losing a needle along the way. There are always dishcloths, but that yarn is a little heavy to lug around all day. So I haven’t made a final decision. I just feel like there will be some sitting around time and that’s the perfect time to get some knitting in. Especially if there is a rain delay. What do you think I should take?


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Pardon my being starstruck, but could Helio be any cuter? I hear he’s nice, too. Do you think he and Jaslene might hit it off? BTW, you and Cara look great, too.

I say knit a dishcloth. That way you can wipe off your seat if it rains.

Comment by Troy

I ain’t hatin’ but isn’t taking knitting to the track a little nerdy? If you have downtime, that’s the time to walk around and stare at people. Though I don’t think you’re going to have downtime and you will be with friends and you don’t want to give them the knitting cold shoulder, as it were, if you will.

Comment by Runningpeanut

No Helio could not be any cuter, and his smile is dazzling in person. Totally sweet when we ask him if we could have a picture. He probably wouldn’t even come up to Jaslene’s waist however. Small fella. I didn’t think about the rain/dishcloth connection, good point. And yes Peanut, I know that knitting at the track is nerdy. You know I’m the biggest knitting nerd there is. I can totally pay attention to other people and knit at the same time.

Comment by bigskymind

Defense accepted. Just don’t want anyone to feel shut out.

Comment by runningpeanut

I’m still convinced that Helio would have won the race but he was distracted from meeting Sal and me on TR.

Comment by Cara

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