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My First 500
May 23, 2007, 10:02 am
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So this coming Sunday I’m headed off to my first ever Indianapolis 500.  I have lived in Indianapolis since 1988, and I must say for many of those years I have had zero interest in going to the race.  There are a multitude of reasons. 

In a previous career, I had to work at an event that brought me into intimate contact with drivers, their families, and others connected directly with the 500.  This close interaction usually left me wanting to get the heck out of Indianapolis on race weekend, much less go in person.  Another reason is what I like to call “The Curse of Tony George”.  It seemed to me that when the CART/IRL split happened, Tony George and the motorspeedway inherited a mountain of bad karma which caused the weather to be horrible for the entire month of May, especially on race day.  We’ve had tornadoes, torrential downpours, freezing cold temperatures, it’s just my silly theory, but don’t argue with Mother Nature.  I’m not that fond of being outside on a sunny 72 degree day, much less in bad weather. 

In recent times, however, my feelings have mellowed.  I went to the Brickyard 400 a couple of years ago.  While it was super-hot that day, we sat in a covered area and it was bearable.  The race was fun to see in person.  I survived the crowd without too much panic.  I know a fair amount about Indy car racing these days.  I don’t know if I would consider myself a fan, but if I see it on tv, I’ll sit down and watch for awhile.  I have friends who are Indycar fans who are acting as my guides for the day.  Most importantly, I again have a seat under cover.  So I’m going to give it a shot, and then I can at least say that I’ve been.  So cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t rain!

P.S. David tells me that Jaslene from ANTM is going to be at the race.  Why the heck wouldn’t you want to go if you can see her?


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The sensory overload that is motor racing, especially at Indianapolis, makes the 500 an event to experience, if only once. Even though the Tony karma has done its damage (I have strong opinions), there is nothing like the sight, sound,smell,feel, and emotion of 33 racing cars thundering into Turn 1 at the drop of the green flag. After you catch your breath from the start, the pack of (hopefully) 33 return, screaming down the straight-away into the turn, this time at well over 200 MPH. There is passing at Indy, sometimes a little contact (rubbing is racing), and the choreographed chaos of pit lane to keep you entertained for the next 198 laps. Even though the race has a little tarnish, winning at Indy still takes incredible talent, desire, and a little luck. Except for Eddie under-a-Cheever, he only had luck. (Oh snap!) Plus you’ll get to see Mike B sing “Back Home Again”. The 500 and the Speedway can be best described by my favorite quote on the subject.
“The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the only place where speed and desire culminate in immortality”

Comment by Mike B

I think it is cute how much Mike B. loves the Race.

I had a good time when I went. It was hot and sticky. The race is pretty heady, but it’s the trip to the men’s bathroom I remember most. 80 guys crammed together in one room, looking for a spot in a “trough” to urinate in. You couldn’t tell where the line to any one spot was. I was so confused. All of a sudden one guy yelled in that beer commercial tone “Whas’ uuuuuuuuuppppp!” and that started the other 79 guys yelling the same thing. It was surreal.

Comment by Troy

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