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Cute Baby + Curious Cat = Priceless
May 23, 2007, 8:07 am
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Oscar and Reece“>
Photo of Reece with Oscar checking him out, courtesy of Super Photographer Mike B.

Apolo andĀ Juilianne
Well, last night Apolo and Julianne won the Dancing with the Semi Famous. I am totally okay with that. I can’t believe that Layla said she was “pissed” when she was voted third place. Where was the elegance the judges kept talking about? You could tell that she isn’t used to losing.
Tonight they will be crowning Jordin the American Idol. It seems so fixed this year. Melinda is the one who should be “pissed”. Maybe she should be thankful that she doesn’t have the anchor of “American Idol Winner” hanging around her neck. And what was with all of Chris Daughtry’s eye makeup? Dude, you’re not in Panic At The Disco, cool it with the guyliner!


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Jason and Beth are so lucky I didn’t steal Reese last night. He’s such a little bundle!

As for Chris, I’m all for bringing glam rock back, but with his (attractive) bald head he has to be careful or he may end up looking like a drag queen between shows.

Comment by Troy

Sorry, Reece, not Reese.

Comment by Troy

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