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Mice Recovery Mission
May 16, 2007, 7:36 am
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I know that everyone is just holding their breath waiting to find out about the fate of the mice.  Well, last night I was explaining to my darling husband Carl that I couldn’t find the mice anywhere and if he could look around and maybe he would see something I didn’t.  Super smart my husband is.  He took a similar toy, gave it to Oscar, and observed him playing with it.  Oscar knocked the toy around and then proceeded to work it up under our dresser.  When Carl moved the dresser, this is what he found.
Cat Toys“>
So Daddy saved the Mice. Here is a close up.
The Mice“>
Hooray for Carl! Mice finder extraordinaire!
Here is the photo of the black and white dishcloth.
Black and White Dishcloth“>
I like the way it came out, it sort of looks like bricks.
I was glad that the reality tv voting public got the finals right for Dancing with the Semi-Famous. Ian was a nice guy, and he did try really hard, but the dude was not a natural dancer. It always looked forced to me. It will be interesting to see the finals next week.
Am I the only one noticing a disturbing trend in advertising? First, Wendy’s uses the Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun” in their advertisements. I have a feeling if Wendy’s executives ever actually listened to the words to “Blister in the Sun”, they might rethink that strategy. Then last night there was a commercial for Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups using New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”. Now I understood the irony in the commercial, they were saying there was a love triangle between the peanut butter, chocolate, and jelly. But I don’t want to think of a Reece’s cup every-time I hear that song! You can have “I Melt With You”, you can even have, “Pretty in Pink” but not “Bizarre Love Triangle”. Next thing you know, it will be “Rock Lobster” or “Why Can’t I Be You”. This madness has got to stop!


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I freaked out when I heard Lust For Life in a commercial last year. I guess we are now the generation they’re advertising to.

Comment by elan

Love the dishcloth.
The mice really do look like dead animals.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Carl is the cat whisperer.

That wash cloth is so stylish and would look great in a Manhattan (or Indy Canal) apartment.

Comment by Troy

That is the perfect dishcloth for someone who loves the Brickyard. The mice don’t look real in person, it must be my great photography skills (cough, cough).

Comment by bigskymind

Has RNR been appreciative? I wouldn’t know. I’m still being punished for the intervention I had over the fanny pack.

Comment by Cara

I got a very appreciative comment yesterday on my blog. Then the Joey Fatone rant.

Comment by Sally

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