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Where have the mice gone?
May 15, 2007, 10:32 am
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The boys favorite cat toys are two catnip stuffed mice.  One we got them when we first adopted them almost 2 years ago.  He is really ratty looking, all his fur is worn off.  But the boys, Oscar especially, loves him, so I haven’t pitched him out.  The other one is newer, same model, just more “fur”.  Oscar likes to bring the mice one at a time to where ever I am in the house, meowing while he has the mouse in his mouth.  But for about a week, both mice have gone missing.  The old mouse was missing a month or so ago and I found him way back in my closet.  Now both are missing.  I spent a majority of my morning hunting for them with no luck.  I am suspicious that Simon is hiding them to torture Oscar since they are his favorite toys.  This seems out of character for Simon, but I know he gets tired of Oscar picking on him, maybe this is his way of getting back at him.  I have a very old, not very clear picture of Simon with the mouse in his mouth. 

 Simon and the Catnip Mouse

So if you see any catnip mice around, let me know. 

Last night was another night of not knitting on Icarus.  I made a black and white dishcloth for RNR.  He asked me yesterday at the end of the day if I could make him a dishcloth in black and white for Race Month and I said I would see what I could do.  He was very lucky and I had both black and white cotton yarn, so I whipped one up for him while I was watching “Dancing with the Semi-Famous”.  I think it should be Apolo, Joey, and Layla in the Finals.  I guess we will find out tonight.  Definitely Joey though.  Shocked he was in the bottom two last week!  I will post a picture of the black and white dishcloth, maybe tomorrow.

I have a birthday shout out to co-worker and sometimes commenter Debbie.   Happy Birthday Debbie!  She is on vacation, which is a great way to enjoy your birthday.

And finally I found this picture on Wendy’s Blog.  I foolishy and stupidly posted it without asking her permission first.  Which she has kindly granted me, thank you Wendy.  I just love this card and totally understand the sentiment, it’s very me.

Handbag card

Photo used with permission of Wendy Johnson.


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I agree. Joey shouldn’t have been in the bottom 2 last week. I will have a fainting spell if he is in the bottom 2 again.

Comment by Cara

That is an excellent black and white dish cloth that I will use to wash my black and white plates in my black and white kitchen.

Thank you mucho Sally!!!

Comment by RNR

I actually have a DWTS comment.

I don’t like Joey; he’s a weirdo and I had to pay $160 for N’Sync tickets 8 years ago to take my son. I figure he owes me most of that back plus extra money for having to listen to those songs for about a year until Alex grew out of it.

I do like that babe that dances with Apollo. She’s smokin hot.

Comment by RNR

RNR- stop pretending you didn’t like the Nsync concert. You know it was so much better than the Stones concert you saw in Lexington.

Comment by Cara

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