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A Trip to the Track
May 11, 2007, 7:39 am
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The weather held out and we were able to make our trip to the motorspeedway yesterday.  Lets get right to the photos.
Ryan Briscoe“>
This is Ryan Briscoe getting into his car. For the most part, race car drivers are tiny.
Team Helio“>
This is Helio Castroneves. He is also tiny, but he seems to have a wonderful personality, always happy and smiling. No wonder he is a fan favorite. Sorry I managed to photograph him with his eyes closed.
Milka Duno“>
This is IRL newcomer Milka Duno in her car getting ready to go out onto the speedway. She seems to be controversial. Some people really dislike her, some are intrigued. I think I will wait and see how the month goes for her. She is sort of the communist Danica.
A car actually moving“>
A car actually moving. They go much faster on the track than my camera can capture.
RNR Nice Fanny Pack“>
Frequent commenter RNR sporting a fashionable fanny pack.
David, not too impressed with the speedway“>
The Peanut obviously thrilled with all the excitement at the track.
Doesn't that look like Larry the Cable Guy?“>
Doesn’t the guy with camera look like Larry The Cable Guy? And he is totally wondering why the heck I’m taking his picture.
And finally, here is my hairdresser Amy’s cat, Wheezy. She was much more interested in being in the yard than hanging out with me last night.

To all the Mothers I know, Happy Mother’s Day. You do the toughest job in the world, and we love you for it!


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RNR’s fanny pack was fashionable? That’s open for debate. He does wear it well though, I must admit. I was happy to be at the track. I was just trying to look studly…studly with a bald head and a big fat chin. To all “big sky” readers, I award Salsy with the “best looking lady in the pits” award. She was so fashionable in her sleeveless black sweater, orange purse, and celebrity aviators.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Okay, I don’t go crazy over the race, but I LOVE going into the pits. I don’t know why. Maybe its because there are guys like Larry the Cable Guy there (P.S. Sally, he probably thought you thought he was hot. Guys are like that.)

Such a fine line between looking studly and looking annoyed. They can go hand in hand I think.

Comment by Troy

Mike B. took a great photo of David posing by a big stack of tires. Everyone was looking around, they thought it was a GQ photo shoot. I guess we did look pretty out of place there.

Comment by bigskymind

That is a really cool fannie pack. Do you know where I can get one like it?

Comment by Sam Hornish Jr

No s$%* Sammy.

I have one just like it.

Comment by TK

I didn’t realize that my humble blog was a must read for IRL driver’s, but welcome! p.s. Don’t hate on Helio, just cause he’s faster than all y’all.

Comment by bigskymind

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