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The Golden Goose
May 10, 2007, 11:19 am
Filed under: Nascar

Dale Jr.

Since my people have been checking in with me all morning, yes I know that Dale Jr. is leaving his current NASCAR team DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.).  Am I happy about it?  Why yes, I am.  I certainly don’t think this is what Junior or his sister wanted.  They have been negotiating with their stepmother for a controlling interest in the company.  Evidently, they could not come to terms.  Now Junior has the option to drive for any of the top teams, or to start his own cup team through his JR Motorsports.  What a foolish woman, if you’ve got the golden goose, do WHATEVER it takes to keep him.  Dale Jr. is by far the most popular driver in NASCAR, sponsors love him, and team owners will be doing anything they can to get him to drive for them.  All the boy wanted was a chance to be competitive, win races and championships.  JR Nation will go with him and DEI will be nothing.  Greed and pride are crazy things…


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