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Never Underestimate the Power of a Cute Baby
May 4, 2007, 8:39 am
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Yesterday tied as my biggest view day ever here at BigSkyMind.  Thursdays seem to be big days for me, not sure of the psychology behind that.  I ripped out my three rows of Icarus and fixed my error.  If I thought knitting the fuzzy string was difficult, taking it apart was almost tear inducing.  I don’t ever want to make another mistake in this shawl (Ha!).  Troy commented that it looks like a spiderweb, (ADD thought, Spiderman 3 opens today, is anyone excited about that?)  that is sort of the feel of the yarn, very sticky.  It is 40% silk and 60% mohair (that’s the fuzzy for the non-knitters in the house).  And if you’re interested at all, the color is Joshua Tree.  Last night I decided that while I was watching my favorite shows, Earl and The Office, that I should knit on the kona socks and not risk having Icarus fly off the needles in a fit of laughter.

So what are everyone’s weekend plans?  Mine include, my parents coming for a visit tonight, checking on Mia and Zoe, knitting, and watching NASCAR.  Everyone who is running the Mini this weekend, have fun and run like the wind.


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If you need to rip again put it in the freezer for an hour first, the fibres will shrink & it will be a bit easier to rip.

Comment by elanknits

Thanks so much for the tip, it was so sticky, I was afraid I was going to break the yarn. That would have made me cry.

Comment by bigskymind

Weekend plans are the Mini (thanks for the cheer) and after that I’m not sure except for running again on Sunday morning. Maybe I’ll grab Ken and we’ll go see the decorators show house.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Spending time with John if I can get him to stay home for more than 24 hours. Driving in the new (used) Element we bought and enjoying a decent stereo again. Decorator Show House, hopefully.

Comment by Troy

Troy- congrats on the new car. How fun!
My weekend plans are Derby and Cinco de Mayo. Can’t you tell how well rounded I am.

Comment by Cara

Cara please don’t mix mint julieps and margaritas. That sounds like a toxic mix of cultures.

Comment by bigskymind

When did you buy the Element? What is his/her name? Do tell mon frere.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Do you think it would be as toxic as Britney’s last performance?

Comment by Cara

You would feel as bad as she looked!

Comment by Sally

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