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Friday Miscellany
April 20, 2007, 8:48 am
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Here are a bunch of crazy pre-weekend odds and ends.

  Yesterday was the busiest day ever here at BigSkyMind.  I had over 100 hits on my site for the first time ever.  Thanks everyone!  Speaking of amazing numbers, remember last January when I made the scarf for the Red Scarf Project? 

 Red Scarf Project

 I think that was some of my very first blog post fodder.  Well, this morning I was reading the blog of the lady who spearheaded the project Norma, and she had the final number of scarves made.  It was over 15,000 scarves total! I am repeatedly awed and humbled by the generousity and alturism of knitters.  I’m thinking seriously that the next person we need to get to run this country should be a knitter. 

I’m totally on the fence about Mika and his new CD “Life In Cartoon Motion”.


Some of it I like, more of it I don’t.  It’s VERY Euro Pop.  Imagine ABBA with Freddy Mercury singing lead.  I guess maybe I can take it in very small doses.  If you’ve heard this and you love it, please tell me why. 

 Here is a sign of  true friendship, last night at THS I bought Carrie Underwood’s CD for David.  She will be forever in my mind the girl who forgot Pat Benatar’s lyrics and still was allowed to win the Idol.  No, I can’t and won’t get over it, it was Pat Freakin’ Benatar! 

Pat Benatar

Okay, deep breath, onto something else.  Do you believe in  the power of buzz or tipping points?  Here is an example for you.  David told me earlier in the week that this Saturday is his Jackie’s second birthday.  Jackie is David’s beloved MINI Cooper.  I suggested a MINI caravan to Mug N’ Bun.  I’ve never been, but have heard such good things about it, I can’t wait to go.  Then today I look over at Growing Sense  Troy’s blog, and what do I see?  An awesome, hilarious post about the very Mug N’ Bun.  Is it Mug N’ Bun season?  Have we been secretly dosed with something that is making us all crave root beer, milkshakes, and greasy food?  Very suspicious.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!   Enjoy the awesome weather, remember this?

 Snow Photo

So glad we don’t have to deal with it again until next year.


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Sweet and deelish as this post is, I’m gonna have to take “issyou” with it. You know I’m talkin’ bout Carrie Underwood. Imagine if you will going from the farm to the stage in a short amount of time. Imagine if you will having to memorize lyrics, etc. week after week, being away from home, pressure big time. I’ll allow her ONE slip. C’mon Sals, can’t you do the same?

Comment by David

I just can’t do it D. As much as I would like to, there are a few Idol performances that are just unforgivable. Constantine’s rendition of “How You Remind Me”, Bucky’s destroying “Simple Man”. Those songs will just never be the same to me. And Carrie is too skinny now. Her hair weighs more than she does.

Comment by bigskymind

Oh’ D Carrie was in college living the sorority life right before she went to Idol. She wasn’t in the farm land rollin’ in the hay. I also don’t think she is too skinny. I think she looks amazing, but I don’t think she should get any skinnier.

Comment by Cara

Thank the Lord Spring is really here this time.

Comment by Troy

P.S. Don’t be surpised if I crash the Mini party. I’ll pretend I just happen to be there at the same time.

Comment by Troy

Regardless of D snubbing you Troy, you are more than welcome as I have my first Mug N’Bun experience. Thanks for printing the menu on your blog. Now I won’t be overwhelmed tomorrow.

Comment by Sally

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