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April 19, 2007, 8:45 am
Filed under: Knitting

We’re back from our trip to seriousville with new yarn talk.  Yesterday, I was looking online at The Loopy Ewe and I noticed that Sheri had some new vendors that I had never seen before up on the site.  Chewy Spaghetti and Yarn Love.  Since it is my quest to try every new sock yarn I can find, I picked some out.  I got the color Flames in the Yarn Love and Earthy in the Chewy Spaghetti.  I’ll post pictures of them once they arrive.  So this morning I was looking at her site again, (yes, I realize I’m stalking yarn websites, there are worse things I could be doing) and it is all gone.  There is only one color of the Chewy Spagetti yarn left and none of the Yarn Love.  Wow!  I’m just amazed by this phenomena.  Who would have thought there would be such great demand for hand made sock yarn?  Personally, I think it’s what I call the “Beanie Baby” syndrome. 

 Beanie Baby

Because you can’t get it easily, that makes you want it all the more.  And yes, I will be stalking next week when she’s getting some Yarn Pirate in.  My Kona Yarn Pirate sock is coming along, slowly, been teaching a lot this week.  I also have to finish up Baby Moderne, I’m on block 10 and then the edging to go.  Maybe I’ll knit during “The Office” tonight.  I’m afraid I might laugh too hard and lose some stitches. 

Looking at my Beanie Baby photo made me remember that I wanted to give a shout out to my Darling Carl who will be walking in his first Race for the Cure this weekend.  His lovely Mom Elizabeth is a breast cancer survivor and I think that it is so awesome that Carl has decided to do this.  You go Hubby!!!!


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BEANIE BABIES RULE! Good luck this weekend Mr. Carl. Sally, does Troy have any of your knitted socks? I’m sure John could turn out a good pair for him.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Your Beanie Baby comment brought back bad memories of driving all around town looking for the most recent Ty releases for Alex. Now they are all carelessly thrown in a garbage bag.

Good luck Carl!!!!

Comment by RNR

No, Troy doesn’t have any of my knitted socks and at the rate that I have been buying sock yarn, everyone I know and maybe complete strangers are going to have hand made socks before too long.
I’m open to color/style requests people.

Comment by bigskymind

Go Carl!!!

Comment by Cara

I promise I’m not posting so I can get socks. I just wanted to congratulate Carl on doing the Race. He’ll enjoy it.

Comment by Troy

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