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What Will We Do Without Jason?
April 6, 2007, 9:32 am
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Today is my friend and co-worker Jason’s last Friday at the office.¬† He isn’t leaving us competely, he is going to be working on Mondays, thank goodness.¬† He is going to be spending the rest of his weekdays taking care of his baby Reese.¬† How cool and progressive is that?¬† The problem with this is that he’s leaving a whole bunch of big babies alone here at the office.¬† Jason is our “go to guy”.¬† When something is broken, we go to Jason.¬† He fixes the postage machine, the fax machine.¬† If he can’t fix it, he knows which repairman to call.¬† We all depend on him way more than he knows, and there are more than a few of us that feel panicked at the thought of him not being here to look after us.¬† I’m just going to be¬†sure to come in super early on Mondays, so I will be in the front of the line that is going to form outside his office.¬†

Jason and Reese

Photo courtesy of Superphotographer Mike B.


The Quest for the Yarn Pirate Yarn
April 6, 2007, 8:07 am
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Who would think that buying sock yarn would be a blog-worthy adventure?¬† Not me, originally.¬† I first read about The Yarn Pirate yarn on WendyKnits¬†.¬† She really liked it and of course that made me want some.¬† Now Yarn Pirate yarn isn’t sold in local stores.¬† The only place I knew to get it was from The Loopy Ewe¬†.¬† So I read on Sheri’s blog last week that she was going to update her shop and get in a shipment of Yarn Pirate.¬† In the meantime I had discovered The Yarn Pirate’s blog¬†.¬† She had pictures of the yarn she was shipping to The Loopy Ewe and it looked beautiful.¬† On the day that Sheri was going to update her site I checked it at about 7 p.m. and it wasn’t done yet, so I figured I’d check it first thing in the morning.¬† Imagine my surprise when I checked it at 8 a.m. the next day and ALL of the Yarn Pirate yarn was gone!¬† Sold! Disappeared!¬† Extreme sadness and a realization that if I really wanted some of this yarn, I was going to have to get with the program and kick it up a notch.¬† In reading the Yarn Pirate’s blog she announced she was going to update her own Etsy shop on Saturday at 9 a.m. PST.¬† I managed to figure out that was 12 p.m. my time.¬† So at Noon, I’m on the computer, ready to go.¬† The first skein I see and try to buy, is sold out before I can get to the check-out screen.¬† Getting this sock yarn was turning out to be more difficult than getting tickets to see The Police!¬† I put my fingers into overdrive and managed to score 1 skein of Kona.¬† At that point I didn’t even care what the yarn looked like, I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!¬† Sock yarn acquistion¬†can be¬†a dangerous thing.¬† She sold out her entire stock in 7 minutes!¬† Was it worth it?¬† I think so:

Yarn Pirate Yarn

Of course, my faithful assistant Oscar had to check out my precious booty:

Oscar and the Yarn Pirate Yarn

He was also checking out my post felted Super Orange Tote:

Oscar and The Orange Tote

Actually, I think he thinks it’s a cat bed.¬† Everytime I tried to take a photo of it, he was either sitting on it or laying on it.¬† I’m glad it meets with his seal of approval.

I’m going to make every effort to post next week.¬† I know you are all just riveted by the exciting events that make up my life.