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Gators Chomp and Can You Tango To The Clash?
April 3, 2007, 8:39 am
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Florida Gators

So the mighty Florida Gators put the beat down on Ohio State AGAIN, to win the college basketball national championship.  In all honesty, if I hadn’t picked Florida to win, I would have been rooting for Ohio State.  Hopefully, losing in both football and basketball will humble some of the overly obnoxious Ohio State fans out there.  I doubt it tho. 

So onto Dancing With The “Stars”.  I missed last week due to my allergy induced haze.  This week was interesting.  I have to question some of the musical choices.  Tangoing to the “Star Wars Theme” and “Rock The Casbah”?  I know that in all the world of music, there are enough real tango songs out there so this didn’t have to happen.  I also wasn’t crazy that they changed the words to “Crocodile Rock”.  You wonder how Sir Elton felt about that.  I feel like Clyde might be the one to get voted off.  He just seems like he’s shuffling, and his shoulders are way up by his ears.  He needs to do some yoga and learn how to relax a little bit. 

I am almost finished knitting the tote bag, I ran out of yarn last night.  So maybe tonight I will get it finished and felted during The Idol.  Will Blake try to beat box “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”?  


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So did you win your office pool?

Comment by Troy

Yes, I’m trying to be a gracious winner. I am wearing orange and blue today tho.

Comment by bigskymind

I say, “Poo to the orange and blue.” Henh Henh.
I agree aboot Clyde..not so smooth.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Strong words runningpeanut. RIP Joe Strummer, it was just one tango, at least your music isn’t on the Wendy’s commercials.

Comment by Mike B

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