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March 27, 2007, 10:05 am
Filed under: Phobias

Bonus points to you if you know what it is.  Irrational fear of frogs and people let me tell you, I have it with abundance.  I’m not really easily frightened.  Spiders, I’m okay with; mice, cute in the right settings, but reptiles and frogs in particular, scare the daylights out of me.  I know why this is, when I was a small child some other mean children chased me with frogs.  So when I went to my Yahoo home page and ran smack into this:

Nasty Cane Toad

well you can imagine.  This is the biggest cane toad every discovered.  He weighs two pounds and is the size of a football.  Oh and he’s toxic, they were rounding them up to keep them from killing other animals.  Any wonder why they are on my list of “so not favorite things”?  He was found in Darwin, Australia, remind me to not go to Australia anytime soon.  I did have another thought,

Nasty Toad 2

that’s a mean pair of frog’s legs. 


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That is the grossest thing I have every seen in my life.

Comment by David "runningpeanut"

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