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MINI Pearl Update
March 23, 2007, 11:00 am
Filed under: Automobiles, Knitting

So I hope that none of you spent last night awake wondering if the MINI service department left MP outside last night like I did.  Turns out that it wouldn’t have mattered if they did, she was all finished with her repairs.  My service guy Rob called me first thing this morning and told me the repairman worked late last night getting her all checked out and put back together again.  Whoosh, I’m glad she’s all better.  Now I just have to figure out when to go to pick her up.  In all of my joy and excitement of having MP fixed and under warranty, I went on a little yarn shopping spree.  I bought some Elmore Pigsah Peaches and Creme .  I had to order it online because the local devil store (aka Walmart) doesn’t carry it.  You know I REALLY want some of this yarn if I made a trip to the devil to see about it.  I also bought sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe .  I got two different colorways of Claudia Handpainted Yarn and one skein of Opal.  The colorways of the Claudia Handpainted are sherbert and leopard.  The Opal is from their Rainforest Collection and the colorway is Tiger.  When it all comes in, I’ll post pictures for you.  I also finished a ballband dish towel.  Pictures to come.  Have an awesome weekend.


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I didn’t sleep at all last night.

Comment by David "runningpeanut"

In Arkansas we pronounce Pisgah, “pis-ghee”–as in “I took a wrong turn at Mt. Pis-ghee and ended up in Letona (prounced Lee-TONE-ah).”

Comment by Troy

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