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Breaking!!! MINI Pearl Is Sick
March 22, 2007, 2:16 pm
Filed under: Automobiles

Before any panic breaks out, let me reassure you, she is going to be okay.  If you don’t know, MINI Pearl is my beloved MINI Cooper.  Monday night after work, David and I decided to have a sojourn to JoAnn Fabrics.  When I opened the door to MP, I noticed she had a serious flood in the passenger floorboard.  We are talking a couple of inches of standing water.  I was shocked and dismayed.  I tried to rationalize that maybe somehow the door had been left ajar, but the water was only in the floorboard.  So I got all of the water vaccumed out and hoped for the best.  Well after this morning’s rainshowers, I went back out to check on her and sure enough more water in the same spot.  So I called Rob, my MINI service guy, and took her in right away before it started raining again.  He is a very nice service guy, he told me that he thinks it has something to do with the sunroof drain and they will get her all fixed up no problem.  They will have to keep her for a day or so, I have a bright blue loaner MINI.  It’s cute and all, but it’s no MINI Pearl.  I miss her already!  I’ll keep you updated on her condition.


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It is strange to see another Mini in Mini Pearl’s parking space.

Comment by David "runningpeanut"

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