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Feeling F1 Fever
March 14, 2007, 9:12 am
Filed under: Formula One, Nascar

So I’ve already admitted to a love of Nascar, but there is another kind of auto racing I’m very fond of as well.  F1 season starts this weekend in Australia.  F1 is as different to Nascar as brie is to a big hunk of orange cheddar (you figure out which is which) but I find it intriguing all the same.  At first I didn’t think I would like F1, there isn’t a lot of passing, it seemed like the same people won all the time, Michael Schumacher seemed like a jerk.  But my racing guru, Mike, kept encouraging me to give it a chance, and then I decided on a driver.  At the time my boy Dale Jr. was stinkin’ it up over in Nascar, so I wanted to root for someone who was a winner.  I chose Fernando Alonso.  He is now the two time world champion in F1.  He almost blew it last season, but was able to beat Michael Schumacher for the championship.  It was exciting to see them battle it out.  I also like that most of the races are in Europe, so I can get up early on Sunday morning, have a nice steaming cup of coffee, knit, and watch the F1 race all before the world wakes up. 

F1 McLaren

Here is a photo of Fernando and his new teammate Lewis Hamilton.  Fernando changed teams this year, he now drives for Mercedes McLaren.  They made him cut his hair, which is unfortunate.  They do have a cool looking silver and orange car tho.  So guess what I’ll be doing early Sunday morning?


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I’ve got the fever for the flavor of a ….
no, not a Pringle, but a Lewis.

Comment by anonymous

I noticed that you left your true lust for your new driver out of this blog entry.

It is easy to notice since you are salivating whenever you say the word “Fernando”.

Jr. never gets that.

Comment by RNR

Please, it’s all about the racing for me!

Comment by bigskymind

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