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Beware of angry aerobic teachers
March 13, 2007, 9:39 am
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There was no knitting progress last night, I was subbing a yoga class.  It is going to be a very busy week, I am subbing two yoga classes, I don’t know why, but this stresses me out.  I have already admitted to a love of order and I guess this is not my normal routine.  I love teaching yoga, but I always seem to have anxiety before subbing a class.  Last night I subbed at a YMCA that I don’t normally teach at.  I have only subbed there once before, so I don’t know my way around at all.  Some of my students didn’t have their own mats, so I had to hunt around to find the spare mats.  Ends up they are in the other group exercise room where they had already started aerobicising.  Boy, that aerobics instructor was ANGRY with me for interrupting her class to get mats!  I thought she might be waiting outside for me after the class was over.  I know it is probably not the case, but it seemed like she was shouting out extra loud in her class right next door to where we were.  It was so distracting, I don’t know how my students could focus at all.  I guess that is what they are used to, so maybe it didn’t bother them as much as it did me.  I have to sub on Thursday night at my YMCA.  That is a better situation, I know the facility, and some of the students are the same ones that come to my class.  We have noise too, but it’s noise I’m used to.

Seated Forward Bend

No, my seated forward bend doesn’t look like this either, that is why we practice.

P.S.  I feel like I was too harsh on The Shins when I called them white toast.  I gave them another listen this morning.  It’s good, a little gloomy, but I like a little gloom every now and then.  They just had the bad luck to be downloaded at the same time as the brazilliant Lily Allen.  I finally pried her CD out of Mini Pearl’s CD player.  It has been playing non stop for over a week.  They are more like white toast with cinnamon sugar on top.


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How can anyone get mad at a yoga person?

Comment by runningpeanut

Trust me, she was mad at me, and her students were not too thrilled with me either. I was scared for my downward dog life in there. They did not want to relax and breathe.

Comment by bigskymind

Karen and I want to know, is there something going on with the planets? We’ve been so anxious lately for no reason.

Comment by Troy

Mercury is out of retrograde. Things have actually been getting better for me, sleepwise and otherwise. I’ll check my star charts and get back with you.

Comment by bigskymind

You are so cool.

Comment by anonymous

Trust me, she was mad at me, and her students were not too thrilled with me either.

Comment by mankenlik ajansları

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