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Stash Enhancement
March 12, 2007, 11:56 am
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When you are knitter, you tend to accumulate yarn, this is known in the knitting world as your yarn stash.  Sometimes you buy yarn with a project in mind, sometimes you buy it because it’s a good deal, sometimes you buy yarn because you just have to have it, the project will come.  Since all I did knitting wise this weekend was work on the mystery gift, now over half done by the way, and re-knit David’s Man Bag Strap (the first one was too short), I will show you the results of my yarn shopping.  I went to Stitches and Scones, a very nice yarn store, it is also where I took my spinning lessons.  I went to buy some sock yarn and here are the results.

Sock Yarn

The dark yarn is Panda Wool, it has bamboo in it.  I have never knit with bamboo, but am anxious to try it.  The other is Koigu, I have never knit with it either, but I know from it’s reputation how awesome it is.  In case you couldn’t guess the dark yarn is for Carl and the orange is for me.  I didn’t even realize it at the time,


but the yarn I bought matches my new sneakers perfectly.  I even had them on at the time I bought the yarn.  I guess I’m consistent in what I like colorwise.  Simon decided he wanted to get involved in the new sock yarn photos.

Simon and the Sock Yarn

He didn’t want to get involved enough to actually pose, he was just passing through and wanted to see what was going on.

I also did some stash organization this weekend, thanks to my darling Carl.

Stash Organization

One is full of yarn waiting to become something wonderful, the other is full of fiber waiting for me to spin it into a big bunch of nothing.  I was embarrassed at the yarn store, my very nice spinning teacher Kate ask me how it was going, and I had to admit that I haven’t been spinning at all, I’ve been knitting up a storm though.  I’m still dealing with the guilt of destroying perfectly good wool.  I’ll get it going eventually.

And finally a couple of pictures of the boys, they spent their weekend staring at the stray cat out in our backyard.  Carl has decided to call him “PepperJack”.  How long will it be before we start taking care of him?

Simon in the bathroom

Simon in the bathroom, sorry about the red eyes, I’m not too good with the digital.

Oscar in the bathroom

And Oscar wishing I would leave him alone so he could take a nap on the towels in my bathroom.


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I love the red/orange combo and the big dots on the shoes. I enjoyed Simon “just passin’ thru.” Thanks Salsy for making a new strap, you know the anarchist man bag has to hang just perfectly.

Comment by runningpeanut

Please don’t title your blog posts as “stash enhancement”. I almost went to get David, buy a bong and head to your house.

Comment by RNR

I thought I did a fine job of explaining about yarn stash. I knew the title would catch some attention.

Comment by bigskymind

Let’s meet at the Magic Bus!

Comment by runningpeanut

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