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Ding, Dong Barba’s Gone
March 9, 2007, 9:25 am
Filed under: American Idol, Knitting

I’m doing a little Idol fill in for runningpeanut today since he is hip deep in a home improvement project.  Well people, what do we think about the final 12?  I was very happy to see Antonella get voted off.  The fact that Sanjaya is still there and she got voted off just goes to prove that the Teen Beat vote is stronger and more committed than the pervy old man vote.  I was surprised to see Jared and Sabrina were voted off.  Haley and Phil?  Please America, get with it.  I figure people voted for Haley because Simon said he didn’t remember her name.  That was mean, even for Mr. Blunt himself.  Sundance was going to get voted off sooner or later, he should have never tried Pearl Jam.  I know somewhere in America, Eddie Vedder was throwing a wine bottle at his tv with that awful version of “Jeremy”.  It will be very interesting to see next week when the boys have to go head to head with the ladies.  In my book, it’s still Melinda Dolittle’s title to lose.  I didn’t actually see the results show, I was asleep (hooray!).  I don’t feel like I miss anything, they always tell you who was voted off the next morning on the news.

Now, on to the knitting.  I have the promised photos of the Baby Moderne.  It is from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book.  I used the yarn they called for Rowan Calmer.  I did take liberty with the colors.  I have an ivory, a pale celery green, a tan, and a dark brown.  Here is a photo of blocks 1 and 2.

Baby Moderne 2 Blocks

I’ve since moved on to block 3.

Baby Moderne 3 Blocks

I am loving knitting this, the yarn is soft and squishy and it goes really fast.  Unfortch, my mystery gift has been pushed aside.  This makes me sad because I really want to complete this gift.  I had delusions that it would be a Christmas gift, but I had over committed myself to projects, so I decided a “just because” gift is sometimes even better.  The reason I am being so elusive is that I think the recipient may be reading this blog, and I do want it to be a suprise.  I need to hunker down and work on the Mystery gift this weekend.  That is what the weekends are for right, lots of knitting and watching basketball/nascar on tv.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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You nailed it Salsy.

Comment by runningpeanut

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