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As Seasons Change, So Do The Weathermen?
March 7, 2007, 8:56 am
Filed under: American Idol, Weather

I think that most people have things that they are obsessed about, two of mine are time and the weather.   I am obviously obsessed by time, did you notice in my last post how I knew the exact times I was up in the middle of the night?  We can save that obsession for another post.  I am also completely obsessed by the weather.  I like to know what is going to happen with the weather, I want to be prepared.  My friends will often come to me for a forecast or radar update.  I will frequently watch the news just for the weather report.  I also crave order.  I think I am probably a stalker’s dream.  I like for things to be the same every day.  In the morning, I like to be done getting ready for work by 6:43 so I can go downstairs, turn on the tv, and catch the 6:45 weather forecast.  Darren has been my weatherman of choice.  I like Darren very much, he is not a panic merchant.  He gives me a quick, concise, fairly accurate forecast, and I enjoy that.  He would tell me way in advance when we were going to have snow.  Well imagine my surprise to come downstairs Monday morning, and Darren is GONE!!!!!!  Replaced by some new guy named Jim.  He seems okay, his forecasts haven’t been too off the mark yet, he did give us the forecast for New York the other day.  Hello, we are in the midwest, I don’t need to know about snow in New York.  Dude, I have 2 minutes, tell me if I need to pack my umbrella, and what kind of shoes I need to wear.  That is what I want from my weatherman.  I miss Darren, but I will give Jim a chance.  I did sleep better last night, I think it might be the mediocre performances on the Idol last night that lulled me to sleep.


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So true about the Idol. Salsy, I knew Darren was leaving. Did ‘ye not? How about Paul Goodloe on the Weather Channel?

Comment by runningpeanut

I didn’t know that Darren was leaving. I saw Joanie the traffic girl say goodbye. It’s a lot to take in, losing your traffic girl and your weatherman in the space of one week. I like that one Weather Channel guy, Jim Cantrell, I think. He gets so excited about the big storms.

Comment by bigskymind

All the weather people are leaving. They even replaced Pruella the Ice Princess with some fat chick.

At least Angie baby is still on.

Comment by RNR

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