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March 5, 2007, 12:42 pm
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Yeah, I’ve been up since 12:30 last night, what about it?  Still not sleeping as you can tell, but I’m in a surprisingly good mood today.  So lets get to the knitting portion of the program.  David’s Anarchist Man Messenger Bag is first up.

Pre Felted Messenger Bag

My faithful knitting assistant Oscar wanted to check out the sturdiness of the bag.

Oscar and the Messenger Bag

He assures me it will be very sturdy if anyone decides they want to bite into it.  Then early Sunday morning (of course it was early, it wasn’t like I was sleeping) into the washer went the bag, the strap, and a last minute pocket addition.

Post Felted Messenger Bag and Strap

I followed commenter Catherine’s instructions and didn’t spin them, they were VERY soggy when they came out, but I was pleased with the felting and they are in the drying process.  With that project 95% complete, I moved on to finishing the Baby Burp Cloth I started a few weeks ago.

Oscar and the Completed Burp Cloth

My assistant Oscar was very gracious with his posing last night and also agreed to be photographed with a delightfully pea soup green bib I whipped up yesterday while on a visit to Carl’s Mom.

Oscar and the green bib

Doesn’t he just look precious?  I also worked on my mystery gift, and I started my blanket project.  4 rows counts as starting, doesn’t it?  All in all a pretty productive weekend knitting wise.  Maybe I need to knit myself some sheep to count.


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Excellent work Sals, excellent. Why pea soup green? Is it in anticipation of things to come….up? Rest well my friend, rest well.

Comment by runningpeanut

Actually it’s pea soup green because I have a bunch of left over cotton yarn for a child’s sweater project that was never started. The yarn works perfectly for the bibs. The colors are all pretty dark, but that isn’t necessarily bad in a bib.

Comment by Sally

Love the bag. Is that a circular knit strap? I am starting on a slipper pattern. It’s sized for women’s feet so I may need to adjust it.

Comment by John

John, the strap is just 10 sts. knit in plain stockinette. The instructions said to roll it like that after felting it so it wouldn’t curl up. Good luck with the slippers. My slipper pattern is by Fleece Artists. They have both women’s and men’s sizes listed.

Comment by Sally

Hmmm….John is starting slippers.

I can’t wait for the Anarchist M. Bag’s debut. Dave will have to start attending protest marches with me.

And you are so lucky to have Oscar as a model. To quote Will Ferrell as Mugatu in Zoolander, “He’s so HOT right now!”

Comment by Troy

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