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Breaking News!!!!!
March 1, 2007, 11:34 am
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Evidence that Spring is IN FACT going to come sooner rather than later.  I just saw one of the adorable chipmunks that live in the bushes in front of our office run by the front door.  They hibernate during the winter and only come out when the tempratures warm up. 


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Comment by runningpeanut

Where are the stray cats when you need them?

Comment by RNR

I know you love those chipmunks, you can try to act tough if you want to.

Comment by Sally

Sally, we saw a possum walking in our yard yesterday morning. What does that mean?

Comment by Troy

Troy, be careful of possums and be sure to keep Claire away from them. They are mean animals, they would bite you in a flash. I’m afraid of them. I also saw a neighborhood stray cat this afternoon.

Comment by Sally

I saw the fattest, brightest red Cardinal today on the Monon Trail. They’re my God sign you know.

Comment by runningpeanut

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