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I’m Not As Smart As A Fifth Grader
February 28, 2007, 3:08 pm
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So as promised, I managed to get my post-felting clog pictures to a place where I can actually post them for view.  I have to say I am pretty disappointed in how they turned out.  The pattern was a bit complicated and for some unknown reason, one turned out with a round toe and the other one is more of a pointy elf toe.

Post Felting Clogs

The fit is not perfect either.  I’m going to try a different pattern sometime in the future.  I did discover while doing some surfing/research yesterday that hand spun yarn felts very well.  This may be the solution as to what to do with all of this handspun mess I’ve been creating, knit it up and throw it all in the washer.  Oscar wasn’t really in a posing mood the other night when I took these pictures, maybe he was still feeling gulity about his afternoon adventure into the great outdoors, but he couldn’t help getting involved in the photography process.

Oscar and Post Felting Clogs

And what am I knitting now you ask?  I have a secret gift in the works, and I’ve started David’s Anarchist Man Messenger Bag.  It looks like a big, black blob in the picture, and at this point that’s what it is.

David’s Messenger Bag

As far as my next project, I have a couple of different things that I’m thinking about.  One is a blanket, one is a shawl.  I think I may save the shawl until late spring/summer, when it is too hot and uncomfortable to knit anything else.  One problem with reading other people’s knitting blogs is that I keep seeing projects that I want to make.  I also welcome suggestions, no guarantees that I will make an item, but I’m open to the possibilities.

So did anyone watch “I’m Not As Smart As A 5th Grader” after the Idol last night?  I like to think of my self as being pretty smart and well read, but I guess I’m as wrong about that as I was some of the questions.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go and study a 4th grade history book.


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Casscade 220 felts up nice. Put your items in a zipped up pillowcase. And do not let them go through the spin cycle. Wool is very forgiving. If they are too big, stick them back in the washer, and the one that is pointy, wet that again and you can shove something round in the toe and stretch it out……….let it dry with the round item in it.

Comment by Catherine

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