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February 26, 2007, 5:54 pm
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Simon and Oscar Looking Out the Backdoor

Yesterday while David and I were visiting Cara at the hospital (she is doing really well by the way), husband Carl decided he would go next door to visit with our neighbors.  I know that he thought he got the door shut, (as Oscar and Simon are “indoor only” cats) but unfortunately he didn’t get it pulled all the way shut and the wind must have blown it open.  When he came back across the yard, Oscar was on the front porch and Simon was down on the sidewalk, headed for the driveway.  Upon seeing him coming back across the yard, they both bolted straight back into the house.  Simon went so far as to go all the way upstairs and hide.  Now why did they run back, did they know they weren’t supposed to be outside?  Did they feel guilty?  I’m just relieved that they didn’t run the other way.  We don’t make them wear collars, they would just choke each other with them, so they don’t have any identification except id chips.  They could have been gone.  I’m so glad that they decided it was better inside. 


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“I tell ‘ya lefty, I’m breakin’ outta here.”

Comment by runningpeanut

If Claire got out and saw us coming up the driveway, she’d sneak around the garage and head to the park. Guilt is not an emotion she’s familiar with.

Comment by Troy

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