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I Keep My Eyes Wide Open All The Time
February 20, 2007, 1:56 pm
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So I just can’t sleep lately.  It’s getting really bad.  My problem isn’t falling asleep.  I can and do go to sleep very easily.  I go to sleep early usually around 9 p.m.  My problem has been that I’m waking up at 2:30, 1:30, last night was 12:30 and I can’t go back to sleep.  Then I start to panic that I can’t sleep and I’m not getting enough rest, and I am subbing two yoga classes tonight and I won’t be at my best.  You get the picture.  Now I believe this problem has started to become a self-fufilling prophecy.  I’m convinced I can’t sleep which makes it even worse.  I’m not quite ready to try medicine yet.  Tylenol P.M. didn’t work the other night, I still woke up at 1:30.  Anyone know of any easy home remedies?  I’m going to try to stay up until 10:00 p.m. tonight.  Maybe the combination of that plus the two yoga classes will be enough to let me sleep through the night.  I’ll let you know.  So originally this post was going to be about my enormous pre-felted wool clogs.  I promised pictures and here they are.

Pre Felted Wool Clog

In case you can’t tell how big that really is, here it is compared to my foot.

Foot Vs. Clog

My assistant Oscar was very protective of the gigantic clog.

Oscar and the Wool Clog

And because his fans have been clamoring for it, here are a couple of photos of my other assistant Simon posing with the clog in progress.

Simon with Clog Big

Simon Eyes Shut Big

Simon fortunately doesn’t share my sleeping problems.


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The clog looks great…thanks for the comparison photo, it helps. The boys look so adorable in the photos. Glad you’re not leaving Simon out.

Comment by Sally

I love orange kitties (don’t you just want to squeeze ’em?). And your clogs are awesome. Perfect for our winters.

I can’t imagine why someone who teaches yoga would have trouble sleeping. It’s so relaxing. Have you talked to your doctor? Ambian is pretty amazing.

Comment by Troy

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