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Valentine’s is for Socks and Hard Drives
February 12, 2007, 3:41 pm
Filed under: Knitting

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was productive, which is a good thing since we are do to have 6-10 more inches of snow tommorow.  I’m really aggrivated that it keeps snowing on Tuesday, doesn’t Mother Nature know that Tuesday is my yoga night?  Lots of knitting progress made this weekend.  Carl’s camoflague socks are finished.

Finished Camoflague Socks

They are for Valentine’s day.  His present to me was a back up hard drive for my laptop.  They maybe aren’t the most romantic gifts ever, but if something happened to my computer and I lost all of my music and photos, my heart would be broken.  I became nervous about losing everything when one of my favorite knitting blogs, http://www.yarnharlot/ lost 2 Apple hard drives in just a few months time.  I decided to heed to the power of backing up.  I also finished a baby burp cloth for Reece and made major progress on another.

Baby Burp Cloth                  Oscar and the Burp Cloth

Oscar, my photographer’s assistant was helping me with my photos last night.  He is posing with the burp cloth and I think that is his paw in the other picture.  He also wanted to pose with My So Called Scarf.  Actually I think he wanted to take a nap on it, but I didn’t let him.

Oscar and My So Called Scarf              Close Up My So Called Scarf

 There is a blurry photo close up of the scarf in progress.  Obviously, I need a new assistant.  Someone who doesn’t want to just lay on my subjects.  If I ever sat down and put a little time into it, I could finish this scarf.  Finishing the burp cloths was more important, we are having a “Meet and Greet” for baby Reece here at our office at 3 today. 


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Ever the animal supporter, I believe Oscar is doing a fine job as assistant. He brings a “human interest/pet interest element to the photos. Plus, he is good for scale comparisons.
I say, keep him AND give him a raise.

Comment by david

Would that be 5 cat treats instead of 4? He will probably be angry with me for posting that unflattering picture of his backside.

Comment by Sally

Yikes. You’re data loss should be an inspiration to me. I keep worrying about that very thing and need to back up my stuff.

In my family, a hard drive for Valentines Day would be about the most romantic thing John could imagine. He’ll be in Puerto Rico on the big day though, so he’ll have to wait to see what he gets.

Comment by Troy

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