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Lots of Knitting Pictures!
January 22, 2007, 7:48 pm
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I was a very busy girl this weekend knitting wise.  I also had my spinning lesson and created my first skein of hand spun yarn.My First Ever Hand Spun Yarn  It is pretty ugly as far as yarn goes, but I’m proud of it anyways.    

I managed to FINALLY finish the ugly socks.   They are ugly, but they are done and off of my sock needles.  The Ugly Socks

Here is a picture of beautiful Simon relaxing in the felted cat bed.  Don’t get any illusions that this is a common occurance.

Simon In The Felted Cat Bed

A photo of My So-Called Scarf in progress.  It is a little hard to see, but this is a very cool looking  stitch pattern.

 My So Called Scarf Detail

And last but not least, my buttonhole bag both pre and post felting.  I continue to be amazed by the felting process.  You take some giant knitted item and put in the washer and then it becomes something totally different.

 buttonhole-bag-pre-felting.jpg                      Buttonhole Bag Post Felting

Pre Felting                               Post Felting

Large and shapeless and flat.    Much more shapely.

So it was a productive weekend, and the Colts won (even though I did give up on them and went to bed before halftime).  I will try to get better with the pictures.  Any bloggers (Troy) who have advice for me, please feel free to share.


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I think your pictures are great. I love the felting before and after. And at least you can keep up with your #%#*@ camera!

And I don’t think your socks are ugly. Did you model them? So cute if you did.

Comment by Troy

Yeah, those are my legs modeling the ugly socks. One of them is sort of tight, I think it’s trying to get back at me for calling them ugly. I have a hard time getting my pictures to be big enough to actually see. I guess it will get better as I go.

Comment by Sally

Hey Sally – I think the ugly socks are actually pretty cute, too. As for the pictures, you might want to set up a account. Then you can upload your pictures and import them as different sizes. Just an idea…


Comment by Karen

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