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Let’s talk about knitting
January 16, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Maybe it is time we talk and look at some knitting.  I just finished my scarf for the Red Scarf Project this past weekend.

Red Scarf ProjectThis is my scarf, even though it doesn’t look very red in this photo.  Now all I have to do is send it off.  This project is sponsored by the Orphan Foundation of America. 

Red Scarf Logo

This is my first effort in charity or karma knitting and I’m pretty excited about it.  I also finished knitting my buttonhole bag.  I just have to sew up the ends and felt it.  I just made my first felted project last weekend.  It is a cat bed that the boys won’t really have anything to do with, which is typical for them.  Now I just have to go ahead and finish the ugly socks.  Is it any wonder that I’ve been knitting on them for what seems like months?  They aren’t getting any love or good knitting vibrations.  I have to finish them if I want my needles to be free to knit up all the cool sock yarn I bought for this year.  I have lots of projects on my list of things to make, and now David tells me he MUST have a Kitty Hat like Troy’s.  Thanks a lot John!


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You are so sweet. However, at the risk of being just like my dearly departed Aunt Glenda I will forego the Kitty Cat hat. Aunt Glenda was the type that if somebody else had something, she wanted it. I guess we don’t need everything we see. Anyway, it’s so Troy, I just couldn’t begin to nail that look. Now if you could knit me a Claire hat, that would be another thing. Congrats on your scarf and buttonhole bag. When and with what are you going to make the debut of the bag?

Comment by david

Well, I have to felt it and tonight is American Idol. So we may have to wait until next week for it’s debut.

Comment by Sally

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