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Oscar Saves The Day
January 15, 2007, 3:15 pm
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Oscar and SimonMy Husband Carl and I have two orange marmalade cats, Oscar and Simon.  We adopted them from the Humane Society in June 2005.  They have distinctly different personalities.  Simon, the younger of the two is very mild mannered and laid back.  In fact, he never even meows, just a chirp now and then.  Oscar, on the other hand, has a bit of a bad reputation.  I can’t say it’s competely undeserved.  He hisses at almost everyone who comes to visit.  He cries, he picks on Simon, our vet says he has misplaced aggression issues.  He can be very sweet, but he is high maintenance.  Well, “the boys” as we call them, are typical, they wrestle and fight.  Yesterday morning when my husband left for work, Oscar was trying to wake me with even more gusto than usual.  I wondered why he was being such an extreme pest.  When I got up, I realized I didn’t see Simon anywhere.  After a brief search, we found that little Simon had been accidently shut in a linen closet.  Oscar was trying to sound the alarm, to let me know that Simon was in trouble.  It made me really rethink their relationship.  Oscar was looking out for Simon, trying to help him out.  Maybe he doesn’t deserve that bad reputation after all.


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Are orange marmalade cats anything akin to Patty LaBelle’s “creole lady marmalade cats?”

Comment by david

I don’t think that they are. But they are SUPPOSED to be the friendliest of all cats. Oscar doesn’t always live up to that reputation.

Comment by Sally

Let’s hear it for the high-maintenance but sometimes sweet and helpful beings of the world! I might put myself in that category.

Comment by Troy

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